About Tree Trays

Tree trays provide farmers the ability to greatly increase their Return on Investment (ROI) through both increased crop yield, and savings on resources such as water, fertilizer and weed-killers.

 Good for Business

Tree trays have undergone extensive trials, done by Israel’s leading agricultural researchers. The Tree Trays allow every farmer to get more from every acre, with less:

  • Significantly larger yield from every tree (often over 50% more yield), proven in both extensive field trials and by farmers in the field.
  • Faster time to market: trees using Tree Trays begin to bring yield much faster (a season sooner than control groups in most cases).
  • Protection of crops: As the Tree Trays protect the root from extreme cold and hot temperatures, fewer crops are lost, protecting the farmer’s investment.
  • At least 50% reduction in the quantity of irrigation water needed (in comparison to drip irrigation; when compared to sprinkler irrigation the savings is even higher).
  • At least 30% reduction in the quantity of fertilizer needed.
  • The Tree Tray prevents weed growth, saving on herbicide costs.  For organic farmers the savings is greater, as the trays replace cost of workers for weed control.

All results have been substantiated by Tal-Ya, the manufacturers of the Tree Tray.